West Coast Jazz – Louisville, Kentucky November 2018

“Deborah Spanton is currently exploring experimentation, variation, and improvisation, as well as reflecting upon the strange and unsettling mood in which those of us who call the United States home find ourselves living.  West Coast Jazz is her first exhibition east of the Rocky Mountains.  A painter and a printmaker, Spanton is a west coast artist through and through, her influences include the  pop-art themes and candied hues of Wayne Thiebaud, the wild southern California  landscapes of David Hockney, as well as the decidedly not-west-coast body-related work of Kiki Smith and Louise Bourgeois.”

— John Brooks,  QUAPPI Projects Gallery,  Louisville, KY

As part of her gallery show, Deborah invited the artists of Editionvariable to participate by riffing on one of her prints, an interior view.  Here are the results.