insight and inspiration: Ruth Duckworth

Sometimes I stumble across something that compels me to share. Recently, I was moved by the work and the words of Ruth Duckworth. R Duckworth at play excerpt from interview:

“Play is the essence of creativity. Creative play and gut reaction, instinct. When I work on a piece, I play. I have a whole huge section of the studio where I have an inventory of sculptural forms, simple, abstract, non-specific shapes that I find beautiful and enjoy making. Then I start building these shapes together. And when I find myself smiling, I say “hello!” I think I’ve got something. The process is intuitive, not intellectual. You have to learn to be spontaneous and trust yourself.” R Duckworth

untitled (wall hanging)

porcelain with graphite drawing, 45 inches x 45 inches

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, whether other people think it’s right or not,” she says. “If I want to do something that’s dubious, whether anybody else is going to love it, I’d still have to do it because I hope I’m going to love it. If I wanted to do a very big piece in here that looks like a mountain, but would probably never sell, I would do it.”

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