Seeing Red

After an extended period of wintertime, spring is finally underway, and everything is turning green.  But what keeps catching my eye is the color red – admittedly my favorite color and one that I use frequently in my work.

The flowering quinces(?) are in bloom, and the local varieties have a wonderful pinkish tinge. These shrubs are frequently encountered on my neighborhood walks with my dog.
Closer to home, my Taurus rhododendron is in bloom, and the flowers are intensely red (and not as pink as they are in this photo). Closer inspection brings further reward, at least to my eye – these wonderful stamens with the black and white anthers.
Lastly, I came across this fallen leaf (from the evil photinia? next door), and I had to photograph it: the most perfect shade of red, glistening from rain, and the spots are fungal growths! Sheer perfection and inspiration…..

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